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New HoloLens video demos its usage in medical education

New HoloLens video demos its usage in medical education

Microsoft is working to bring its fancy HoloLens technology to the classroom thanks to the partnership with Cleveland, Ohio-based Case Western Reserve University; that private research university plans to use HoloLens to teach anatomy and solving human problems.

To demonstrate how that could work, Microsoft released a two-minute video showing HoloLens in its full glory, as it reveals different aspects of the human body including the inner layers of the heart. The idea is that this fancy interface will make it easier and more entertaining for students to learn new things.

It is still not clear when will the Redmond giant make HoloLens available to the general public, but some early release with limited number of partners is expected to happen later this year. And while we wait for that, we have the mentioned video to share. Check it out.

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