Samsung SLEEPsense wants to help users get a good night's sleep

Samsung SLEEPsense wants to help users get a good night's sleep

Samsung is joining the sleep tracking market with a device called SLEEPsense, SammyHub is reporting. Developed in partnership with Israel-based EarlySense, which will have its own version of the product called myEarlySense, the flat circular device is just 1cm thick and can be put under the user's mattress to track his/her sleep, movements and sleep pattern. SLEEPsense will also be able to detect user's heart rate and breathing rate while asleep.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Since this device is part of Samsung's bigger Internet of Things (IoT) initiative, it can also be used to control other connected products around the house, including an air conditioner and TV both of which will assist users in getting a good night's sleep — the former will maintain an optimum temperature for quality sleep, while the latter will be turned off when SLEEPsense detects the user is asleep. All data SLEEPsense collects will be neatly presented in a companion app, to allow users to monitor their rest over time.

Samsung will launch SLEEPsense later this year in South Korea and other countries.

Earlier this year, EarlySense raised $20 million in a round led by Samsung Ventures.

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