Court orders Fitbit employees to turn over alleged Jawbone secrets

Court orders Fitbit employees to turn over alleged Jawbone secrets

The Fitbit-Jawbone legal saga continues… Now we have a California judge ordering, in a preliminary injunction, that the five Fitbit employees accused of stealing trade secrets must return any information owned by Jawbone to their previous employer. They also must prove they've deleted any copies, according to a Law360 report (and brought to our attention by MobiHealthNews).

A preliminary injunction doesn't mean much though, and Fitbit was quick to release the statement saying that this was not a motion against them. "The hearing was focused on the exchange of information between Jawbone and its former employees and has no impact on Fitbit. In fact, the Court's rulings at the hearing embraced the approach proposed by counsel for these individuals," the company said in a statement.

The legal saga between the two rivals began in May when Jawbone sued Fitbit alleging that five of its former employees took confidential information about the company's future plans with them when they left their jobs.

Then in June, Jawbone sued Fitbit again, this time over alleged infringement of three patents Jawbone obtained when it acquired BodyMedia in 2013. That lawsuit was superseded by with a complaint filed with the US International Trade Commission to block Fitbit's imports into the US.

Finally, in September, Fitbit decided it's their time to sue Jawbone, claiming the latter has infringed on three of its patents.

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