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Zocdoc now integrates with Epic EHR

Zocdoc now integrates with Epic EHR

Zocdoc's online scheduling platform will connect to Epic via API to create a streamlined experience for the two companies' customers such as Hartford HealthCare, Inova, NYU Langone Medical Center, Yale New Haven Health, and others.

"This collaboration is a model of digital health openness, showing how complementary services can benefit patients, providers, and the healthcare ecosystem on the whole," Zocdoc founder and CEO Oliver Kharraz, MD said in a statement. "We're proud to work with Epic to drive even more value for healthcare organizations and deliver the simple, connected experience patients expect and deserve."

Founded in 2007, Zocdoc's digital marketplace surfaces underutilized appointment inventory which dramatically improves patients' access to care. In the U.S., the average wait to see a doctor is 18.5 days; the typical Zocdoc appointment takes place in under 24 hours.

Earlier this year, the company made a similar partnership with EHR software maker drchrono. Also, in February, it changed its logo which now comes in yellow, representing a line drawing of a letter Z and two eyes that evokes an "always-changing patient face."

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