Humana's Goal Guru app aims to increase employee well-being

Humana's Goal Guru app aims to increase employee well-being

Humana is launching another mobile app, Goal Guru, designed to help employers take a holistic approach to improving the overall health of employees. Available for iOS and Android devices, the application gathers data from a multitude of trackers and mobile apps, and allows users to participate in competitions and engage each other through wellness tracking, challenges and 24/7 interaction with a digital coach.

"The app allows users to socially motivate or 'nudge' each other to influence positive behaviors and healthy habits," Kristine Mullen, Vice President of Wellness for Humana, said in a statement. "Services like this give us valuable information on employees, their health care costs and overall employer satisfaction so that we can ensure they are receiving the best resources possible."

Through the app, employers can provide an easy-to-use resource conducive to improving the activity level of their employees through the monitoring of steps, weight and sleep. Users receive personalized news feeds throughout the day and can increase engagement by messaging a team or individuals to initiate a challenge.

In addition to businesses, Goal Guru can provide optimal health benefits for schools, conferences or special events. The app, which is not exclusively tied to any health plans, is available for 30-day, 90-day or one-year contracts to accommodate individual business needs.

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