Livongo Glucose Meter can now be updated over the air

Livongo Glucose Meter can now be updated over the air

Livongo Health announced that its smart/connected glucose meter is now capable of receiving over-the-air (OTA) updates. This, according to the company, makes the Livongo glucose meter the first and only such product, making it work just like your phone or tablet.

The Livongo meter is included in the Livongo for Diabetes program that combines technology, real-time personalized insights, and unlimited blood glucose test strips. The Livongo meter automatically uploads blood glucose data and can now download software updates and feature enhancements.

"Over-the-air creates the possibility to give people a meter that is designed for their needs – making it easier for people to stay healthy," Glen Tullman, Livongo CEO, said in a statement. "And that's what we want – to empower people with chronic conditions to manage their diseases and to live the lives they want."

The Livongo for Diabetes program is available through a growing number of self-insured employers, leading Fortune 500 companies, health plans, and health systems with tens of thousands of people with diabetes enrolled today.

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