Samsung Gear Fit2 updated with better workout tracking

Samsung Gear Fit2 updated with better workout tracking

Samsung has released a software update for its fancy Gear Fit2 GPS sports band that includes "key enhancements that bring new levels of precision and convenience."

Among the features included in the new software is "Auto Pause" exercise, using which the band will recognize when a user who is engaging in a cardiovascular activity such as running or cycling suddenly stops to, say, take a break. This pause in tracking is automatically detected requiring no action on the user's behalf.

Another new capability is automatic detection of so called "Dynamic Workouts" such as basketball, table tennis, badminton, dancing and soccer. Previously, the Gear Fit2 could "only" detect repetitive-motion exercises like running, walking, and elliptical and rowing sessions.

Finally, the update added the Set feature to the mix, to "streamline the management of repetition-based exercises" such as crunches, lunges, squats and star jumps. Users are now able to input their desired number of repetitions and sets per exercise and the Gear Fit2 will start tallying their progress as soon as they begin. Also, the device will display appropriate break intervals between sets to help users catch their breath and maximize their effort.

The software update to the Samsung Gear Fit2 has started rolling out to the general public since November 23, but it's availability varies region by region.

Samsung Gear Fit2 update - screen 2

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