This is the 5G logo

3GPP has officially announced that the next-generation of mobile connectivity technologies will be called 5G. And here's the new logo...

This is the 5G logo

The new, improved technology will play an important role in Internet of Things as many new devices and sensors "go online." In fact, connecting a multitude of different devices was touted as the key selling point of the next-gen technology, rather than faster download and upload speeds.

The logo itself bares resemblance to the one used for "4G" with the green waves stemming from the LTE-A (LTE-Advanced) logo…

We'll be reporting more on 5G in the days and weeks to come… This technology along with its vast use cases will be prominently on display at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Companies that wish to use the new 5G logo can visit this page for a usage guide and logo policy…

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