PokitDok gets money from Guardian Life's VC arm

PokitDok gets money from Guardian Life's VC arm

The capital (undisclosed amount) will be used to fund the development of DokChain, blockchain for healthcare, and expand access to PokitDok's API solutions that simplify patient check in, handle health insurance administration, calculate out of pocket estimates, and streamline other business processes associated with medical care.


Lead: GIS Strategic Ventures


"The infusion of strategic capital from Guardian, a Fortune 250 mutual insurer, validates the new financial and technological innovations taking place in healthcare, with PokitDok providing vital access. Outdated, centralized infrastructure cannot support real time integration of new services and is heading to obsoletion. Guardian recognizes that a seismic shift is taking place through APIs, and now blockchain, and with this investment, will be part of it."
Lisa Maki, co-founder and CEO, PokitDok
"PokitDok's technology approach and vision have the potential to make the healthcare experience easier for patients and more efficient overall which would lead to a positive impact on the healthcare economy. For Guardian, this investment aligns with our interest in fueling technology innovations that improve life and wellness."
Bob Thompson, senior vice president, head of Guardian's Corporate Finance Solutions
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