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AMA launches a platform to connect physicians with health tech companies

The Physician Innovation Network aims to make digital health tools patient-centered, evidence-based, interoperable and outcomes-focused.

AMA launches a platform to connect physicians with health tech companies

As part of its ongoing work to shape and support effective digital health innovation, the American Medical Association (AMA) unveiled a new online platform that aims to bring physicians and health tech companies together to develop and improve healthcare technology solutions.

Called the Physician Innovation Network, it is designed as an online community where physicians can find and connect with companies and entrepreneurs who are seeking physician input in the development of healthcare technology products and services.

Interested physicians can explore the site to find paid and volunteer opportunities to collaborate with health tech companies, while on the other end, allow companies to search for physicians with specific expertise. The platform also provides both parties with opportunities to learn from like-minded innovators and medical professionals, including access to virtual panel discussions with experts.

"We know that when physician expertise is aligned with input from partners on the leading edge of health technology, we produce meaningful results," AMA President David O. Barbe, M.D. said in a statement. "The Physician Innovation Network will help ensure that physicians play a greater role in leading digital health innovations that expand the bounds of science, enhance patient care, and shape a better health care system, and improve the health of the nation."

Most recently, the AMA announced a new Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI) to bring together the health and technology sectors around a common data model that is missing in healthcare. This initiative has already brought many major collaborators on board, including IBM, Cerner, Intermountain Healthcare, American Heart Association, American Medical Informatics Association, and a growing list of other organizations.

Also, the AMA is the founding partner of Health2047, a healthcare innovation company that bridges the gap between Silicon Valley and the medical community; and has expanded its partnership with MATTER, Chicago's healthcare tech incubator.

In addition, the organization is working with Sling Health, a student-run biotechnology incubator that helps inspire and support the next generation of young entrepreneurs to tackle unmet needs in healthcare delivery and clinical medicine.

Finally, the AMA is one of four founding organizations of Xcertia, a collaboration dedicated to improving the quality, safety and effectiveness of mobile health applications.

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