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Johnson & Johnson Health Partner to help patients prepare for surgery and recovery

The digital platform enables patients to physically, mentally and emotionally navigate certain surgeries.

Johnson & Johnson Health Partner to help patients prepare for surgery and recovery

Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions has launched the Johnson & Johnson Health Partner (Health Partner) platform with the goal to change the process of preparing for, and recovering from knee, hip or weight loss surgery, by tapping into an individual's motivation and underlying drive to get and stay healthy.

The platform aims to help patients prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for surgery, and connects them with their healthcare team to help ensure customized, real-time care. It learns with the user over time and provides personalized patient care that adapts based on each patient's changing needs and behaviors.

"Health Partner has been designed with the 'whole person' experience in mind to help ensure better engagement between patients and their healthcare team, and get patients back to living their lives — because we know that will help enhance efficiencies and quality of care," Sandra (Sandi) Peterson, Group Worldwide Chair at Johnson & Johnson, said in a statement.

The platform consists of three connected digital tools, all putting the patient at the center: a website with educational resources about the before-treatment period, a mobile app to help guide a patient through surgical preparation and recovery, and a care portal for providers and health systems to enable real-time interaction throughout a patient's treatment journey.

The behavior change strategies integrated in Health Partner are selected based on the best scientific evidence to help increase the likelihood patients will follow pre- and post-surgical care because an informed, engaged, and compliant patient has the greatest potential for treatment success.

The portal is designed to enlist patients early in their journey, from initial education about treatment options through encouraging healthy behaviors for long-term success. Also, it addresses many of the emotional challenges that patients could face to build confidence in treatment decisions, and by focusing on patient preparedness and fostering greater confidence — the service helps patients return to better health.

On the other hand, Health Partner brings new levels of understanding and analysis to providers, enabling them to personalize care and improve the patient experience like never before. Health systems can benefit from improved outcomes such as reduced length of stays and fewer treatment-related readmissions, all while delivering greater cost savings for the system.

Health Partner will be offered to health systems as part of CareAdvantage from the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, an approach designed to help health systems realize better care by aligning the broad capabilities of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to their individual needs.

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