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JDRF, Cam Med to develop flexible patch pump for automated insulin delivery systems

The small size of the flexible, bandage-like pump would reduce barriers to using automated insulin-delivery systems.

JDRF, Cam Med to develop flexible patch pump for automated insulin delivery systems

JDRF, which funds type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, and Cam Med — a developer of microfluidic-based drug delivery technologies — announced a new Industry Development and Discovery Partnership to develop a user-centric insulin pump for next-generation artificial pancreas systems.

The funding commitment from JDRF will enable Cam Med to further the development of its innovative Evopump, an ultra-thin and flexible, bandage-like patch pump.

The goal of this collaboration is to accelerate the development of Cam Med's conformable and small-footprint Evopump, which would represent a substantial improvement over existing delivery systems for both pediatric and adult users.

"JDRF is excited to partner with Cam Med on improving insulin delivery hardware," Jaime Giraldo, Ph.D., JDRF Program Scientist, Research, said in a statement. "The Evopump represents the type of miniaturized and user-centric design that could substantially reduce the burden of living with type 1 diabetes and remove obstacles preventing some people, particularly children, from using devices that could improve their glucose management."

Previously, JDRF announced a similar deal with South Korea's EOFlow to develop wearable automated insulin delivery system.

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