Here’s how the upcoming Samsung S Band fitness tracker looks like

Samsung S Band fitness tracker

Thanks to the savvy folks of SamMobile, we know how the upcoming Samsung S Band fitness tracker will look like. The first thing you can see is that it won’t have a screen of its own, and you’ll rather have to look at your smartphone to get any meaningful data.

The wrist-band will sing along the Activity Tracker app and the new S Health app, allowing users to track their fitness activities, sleep patterns and so on, as well as get actionable information how to improve their well-being (i.e. by sleeping or running more). It will have an LED light that will start blinking when Bluetooth connection is turned off, and a vibration motor to double as an alarm (or to remind you that you should continue running).

Users will be able to easily personalize the S Band by swapping interchangeable straps, which will be available in white, yellow, orange and grey colors.

Overall we prefer the Samsung Gear Fit, but we’re sure it will cost more than this, rather basic, wrist-band. In that sense, the S Band will cater to more users who not necessarily want to pay a premium for a fancy lookin’ activity tracker. It’s unclear when Samsung will officially announce the new S Band, though.