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Samsung GoBreath

New Samsung C-Lab projects to be unveiled at CES 2018

Attendees will be able to see GoBreath, a recovery solution for people who have experienced lung damage, and Relúmĭno smart visual aid eyeglasses.

Samsung to show off a pair of C-Lab connected health products at CES 2017

S-Skin is a home skincare and analysis solution, while Lumini is a portable device that checks the inner skin to identify and prevent skin problems.
Dr. Macaron main

Samsung’s C-Lab unveils a smart baby carrier

Called Dr. Macaron, it has several functions to help a parent carry their newborn and know how healthy they are at any minute of the day.
Samsung Relúmĭno

Samsung launches Relúmĭno, a Gear VR app for the visually impaired

The app processes images from videos projected through the rear camera of a smartphone and makes the images friendly to the visually impaired users.

Relúmĭno is a VR-enabled smart aid for the visually impaired

A project of Samsung's C-Lab, the application is made to work with Gear VR to serve as a smart aid for the near blind and visually impaired.
IoFIT shoe

Samsung-backed Salted Venture unveils smart shoes

Called IoFIT, the product sports a number of pressure sensors to measure your posture, balance and weight distribution, and can send this data to an app.
Samsung Welt

Samsung to showcase smart health belt at CES

Called WELT, it looks like a normal belt, with added electronics to provide users with a more discreet way of using sensors to monitor their health.
Samsung's brainwave-reading wearable prototype

Samsung’s brainwave-reading wearable prototype could detect the early signs of a stroke

The technology, still in development, monitors user's brainwaves to detect the early signs of a stroke, and could one day be built into smart glasses.

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