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FDA clears Visibly's online vision test
Aug 18, 2022 FDA
With their newly-acquired 510(k) Clearance from the FDA, Visibly's telemedicine platform can continue to expand affordable access to vision care for millions of consumers. Consumers can access Visibly's on-demand, self-administered visual acuity test using a combination of a touchscreen mobile device and computer connected to the internet. Consumers can take the test at any time and complete the entire experience in about 6 minutes. Completed vision test results are made available to Eye Care Professionals immediately and securely, helping them evaluate the best course of action for each patient. read more

Vuzix M400 smart glasses being trialed in Japan for an emergency medical care plan
Aug 18, 2022 Extended reality
In this trial, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are using Vuzix M400 smart glasses to convey medical information from the ambulance to the hospital from the moment of patient engagement to their delivery to the hospital. Previously, the only means of communication between rescuers and doctors waiting in the hospital was via mobile phone calls, and information sharing was only vocal. By using smart glasses with two-way audio and video communications, it becomes possible to share medical information such as vital signs and ECG readouts, as well as the patient's facial expressions and other visual changes in condition, in real-time to doctors and nurses who are on standby at the hospital to which they are being transported. read more

Intelerad acquires PenRad Technologies to expand breast imaging and lung screening capabilities
Aug 18, 2022 M&A
Founded in 1995, PenRad's three core product offerings — PenRad for breast imaging, PenLung for lung screening, and PenTrac for patient tracking and reporting — have a proven track record of eliminating overhead costs, decreasing liability exposure and increasing patient satisfaction for innovative enterprise systems and diagnostic imaging centers and facilities. With the company's next-generation technology and dedicated client support, PenRad is leading the way in automated diagnostic radiology. read more

Bicycle Health, Tele911 Partner to bring OUD care to emergency patients
Aug 18, 2022 Partnerships
As part of this collaboration, paramedics on scene with stable patients who call 911 and experience an opiate overdose or are experiencing symptoms of opioid use disorder, substance abuse, addiction, or have symptoms related to OUD will be evaluated by a Tele911 emergency physician, who will make an appropriate care decision depending on the patient's needs. A Tele911 Licensed Social Worker will refer the patient to Bicycle Health for continued support and care. read more

Apixio's new Apicare ChartSpace is a health data management solution for value-based care
Aug 18, 2022 Value-based care
ChartSpace solves those challenges by providing each department with real-time access to patient charts for review and analysis - slashing chart request waiting periods from weeks down to seconds, eliminating the IT burden and high administrative cost of duplicate chart chases. By consolidating and enabling centralized access to chart data, this solution allows departments across the healthcare data enterprise to easily leverage Apixio's AI-driven data analytics solutions to access the entire patient data sets required for their analysis. read more

Nuance, Covera launch radiology quality care program in the U.S.
Aug 18, 2022 Radiology
Called the Quality Care Collaborative (QCC), it is the first national program that brings together payors, providers, and self-insured employers to support radiology quality improvement initiatives at scale. The QCC joins Covera's clinical intelligence platform and Nuance's Precision Imaging Network to enable providers, payors, and employers to work together in a trusted and secure setting on long-term, sustainable quality improvement programs, peer-learning initiatives, and value-based care efforts. read more

Meditation app Calm lays off 20% of staff
Aug 16, 2022 Layoffs
The popular meditation startup Calm, known for its wellness app of the same name, has laid off 20% of its staff, according to The Wall Street Journal, which viewed a memo sent by CEO David Ko to employees. Roughly 90 out of 400 Calm employees were laid off, according to the Wall Street Journal. Founded in 2012, the San Francisco-based startup was valued at $2 billion in 2020. read more

Innovaccer expands into public sector
Jul 14, 2022 Cloud
Innovaccer is expanding its presence into the government sector to improve collaboration between agencies, optimize case management, manage increasingly complex alternative payment models, and improve the individual's experience through technology. The Innovaccer Health Cloud's Data Activation Platform (DAP) collects, cleans, and connects data, making it available and shareable between systems to accelerate digital transformation. It unifies data from multiple sources and systems including pharmacy, claims, electronic health records, government agencies, and community-based organizations, as well as social determinants of health (SDoH), to empower whole-person care. read more

Northwell Health taps Google Cloud to provide proactive, personalized healthcare
Jul 14, 2022 Partnerships
The new alliance will be paramount in Northwell's effort to transform digital and connected experiences with the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the efficiency of care and allow the health system more opportunities to better deliver equitable care in the communities it serves. Leveraging Google's advanced technology will give Northwell the ability to enhance experiences in digital scheduling, automate payer interactions and provide intelligent summarizations of medical information. In addition, Northwell will leverage Google Cloud's AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities for predictive insights to help with capacity planning and scheduling, and to identify risk indicators to help with early interventions. read more

Glooko Launches Academy in Ireland to expand availability of diabetes medical education
Jul 14, 2022 Diabetes
Glooko announced, in partnership with the Diabetes Technology Network (DTN)/ Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD), the expansion into Ireland of Academy, the company's online medical education programme for clinicians who treat people with diabetes. Originally inspired after discussions with the National Health Service England (NHSE) as part of its effort to ensure all healthcare professionals learn uniformly about technology, the programme will help clinicians further increase their knowledge and stay current on the ever-growing assortment of new diabetes technologies. read more

Geisinger, Cohere Health to improve the prior authorization process
Jul 14, 2022 Partnerships
Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) and Cohere Health, a recognized leader in utilization management (UM) technology, announced they are joining forces to drive high-value care and reduce provider burden. Cohere's collaborative UM platform will help GHP support value-based care delivery, reduce administrative costs, and lead the nation in aligning quality improvement initiatives across all its lines of business, including Commercial, Exchange, Medicare Advantage, and the newly expanded Medicaid. read more

Healthy.io gets FDA clearance for a smartphone-powered home kidney test
Jul 13, 2022 FDA
An ACR test is currently recommended for the 75 million Americans at risk for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Until this clearance, the test could only be conducted by a medical practitioner. As a result, 60 million Americans — roughly 80% of at-risk patients — fail to complete their annual test. This 510(k) clearance allows people to use their smartphone camera to conduct a urine test that identifies a specific protein in the urine called albumin, which is the standard of care for detecting early signs of CKD. read more

FDA greenlights Eko's heart disease detection AI for adults and pediatrics
Jul 13, 2022 FDA
Eko Murmur Analysis Software (EMAS) has been cleared for detecting and characterizing murmurs found in adults and pediatric patients. The next generation of Eko's murmur detection capabilities grants Eko the first and only smart stethoscope on the market that can identify and differentiate, between innocent and structural, heart murmurs indicative of valvular heart disease. read more

Turquoise Health, Komodo Health team-up to expand the depth of healthcare insights
Jul 13, 2022 Partnerships
Building on Komodo technology, Turquoise Health is strengthening the power of its platform with intelligence from the Komodo Healthcare Map. The partnership will equip Turquoise Health with information and insights to analyze patient journeys on a holistic basis to better understand the full constellation of costs associated with healthcare encounters. The combined breadth and depth of payment data for millions of patients will deliver greater visibility into healthcare prices and help simplify payer-provider contracts that will ultimately drive down costs for all stakeholders, including patients. read more

Peloton outsources production of its smart bikes and treadmills
Jul 13, 2022 Fitness
The company announced it is exiting all owned-manufacturing operations and expanding its current relationship with leading Taiwanese manufacturer Rexon Industrial Corp. The shift is described as a natural progression in Peloton's strategy to simplify its supply chain and focus on technology and best-in-class content to continue driving the business forward as the leading global Connected Fitness company. Rexon will become the primary manufacturer of the hardware for Peloton's iconic Bike and Tread product lines. read more


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