Nikola Pejcic

wearable device

Research: 12.2% of US consumers own a wearable device

Of the combined fitness band and smartwatch base, Fitbit remains the top brand at 18.5%, but Apple and Samsung follow closely with 14% and 11.6%, respectively.
Sea Hero Quest app

Deutsche Telekom’s app to help researchers better understand getting lost because of dementia

The app was built in partnership with Alzheimer's Research UK, University College London, the University of East Anglia, and game developers Glitchers.
Medable - Michelle Longmire

Interview with Medable’s CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire

The company offers a complete cloud-hosted platform that caters to the healthcare sector's strict compliance and privacy concerns across the globe.
Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning gets $40M for its cognitive computing tech

Funds will be used to accelerate R&D in advanced audio and image analysis, data science and new solutions across enterprise, government and healthcare markets.

Hacking Medicine Institute unveils app review program

Called RANKED Health, it aims to provide unbiased and accurate information to help accelerate patient and provider adoption of digital health solutions.
EHR research

Research: Only 22% user EHR to help make medical decisions

55% are accessing their health record to simply stay informed; 29% of those consumers who say they do have an EHR are not getting much benefit from it.

WeCounsel raises $3.5M Series A for its mental health service

The company provides a cloud-based software that helps increase access to mental health care professionals by connecting providers and patients.
Cardiac Insight

Cardiac Insight gets $2.5M for its cardiac and respiratory sensing tech

The company will use the money to accelerate the market penetration of its CardeaScreen product and finalize the development of its wearable sensor technology.