AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter

AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter now available across 15,000 pharmacies across the U.S.

The solution that helps asthma patients to more accurately track symptoms and medication adherence to preempt an attack is available from Walgreens and CVS.
SmartTouch inhaler monitoring device

Nexus6’s Smartinhaler clears the FDA hurdle

Smartinhaler installs on to a patient's inhaler to record the date and time the inhaler is used, and can then send that information to other devices.

Chemisense working on a wearable that could prevent asthma attacks

The underlying technology can already detect about a dozen chemicals and compounds, with support for detecting about 19 others coming in the (near?) future.
Asthma New Zealand

Mobile app helps Kiwis with asthma easily manage their condition

Asthma New Zealand has teamed up with VADR to launch the Breathe Easy asthma management app for iPhone and make it easy for patients to manage their symptoms.
Symptomly Asthma Tracker

Arches Health Plan launches Symptomly’s Asthma Tracker app for its members and providers

The easy to use application will allow Arches' members to better understand, and manage their health, and may help keep them out of the emergency room.

Spirometrix secures $8.6M Series B round for its breath analysis device

Biosensor manufacturing partner NGK SPARK PLUG led the round, which invested approximately $5 million, and also included current investor Simul Investments.
ADAMM makes it easier to manage asthma

ADAMM makes it easier to manage asthma

The wearable, the mobile app and online portal work together to detect coughs, monitor respiration and heart rate, and provide timely alerts to care takers.

PerformRx’s HealthNHand improve medication adherence for asthma patients

The platform will be initially offered to members of AmeriHealth District of Columbia, the largest Medicaid managed care organization in the District.

Nightingale launches support platform for autism therapy

The Y Combinator and StartX alum is working to improve the quality of autism therapy, relying on modern smartphones, rather than a clipboard and Excel.
Damoun Nassehi

Interview with digiDoc Technologies’ co-founder Damoun Nassehi

The company offers the Asthma Whistle and the accompanying app plus cloud solution that help parents track their child's asthma and prevent exacerbations.