Apple ResearchKit Daily Prompt Engagement

ResearchKit users are engaged, willing to give consent for the study

LifeMap Solutions claims that Asthma Health app users as engaged (or more) with Asthma Health as they are with games and social networks.
Cohero Health

Cohero Health’s smart spirometer clears the FDA

The Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-connected device measures critical lung function with comparable accuracy to clinical-grade spirometers.
Propeller Health device

FDA clears Propeller’s platform in association with Boehringer Ingelheim’s an GSK’s inhalers

FDA-approved marketing claims of improved adherence and reduction in exacerbations address key unmet needs in respiratory health.
Adherium's smart inhalers

AstraZeneca to offer Adherium’s smart inhalers to asthma and COPD patients

With Adherium's smartphone-connected device, the medication adherence increases by up to 59% in adults and 180% in children with asthma.
Doctor Dashboard on Asthma Health

Asthma Health app updated with Doctor Dashboard, Epic EHR integration

Said app enables asthma patients to participate in a study by using their iPhones; the new features enable participants to use the app with their physicians.
Smart inhalers

Study: Smart inhaler can boosts medication adherence by 144 percent

Also the three studies Adherium has conducted have found a 14.9% increase in lung function and a 37% reduction in oral steroid usage.
My Asthma Pal

Dallas-based hospital launches asthma tracking app

Called My Asthma Pal, the application runs of iOS and Android devices, providing children and their parents with a mobile tool to track and manage asthma.
Wing sensor for asthma

Wing is a small sensor that helps people control their asthma

Featuring medical-grade accuracy, the device has been launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, with the goal of raising $50,000 in a month-long campaign.
pediatric asthma monitor

SMU, U-Maryland score an NIH grant for pediatric asthma monitor

The device will monitor air quality, CO2 levels in the blood, physical activity, breathing, emotional states and other stimuli to identify asthma triggers.
Propeller Health platform

Propeller Health to create custom sensor for GSK’s Ellipta inhaler

GSK will use the sensor in the studies to automatically collect and record data on the inhaler's usage, and wirelessly transmit the data collected.