A company looking to bring genetic medicine to smartphone users

Previously, San Diego-based Illumina managed to drive down the cost of sequencing a human genome to $1,000, and now it's setting sight on a consumer product.

Omicia’s Opal Clinical platform helps researchers interpret DNA data

The platform allows hospitals and diagnostic labs to launch genetic studies faster and interpret results more quickly and more accurately.
Google Genomics lets researchers store and manipulate genomic data

Google Genomics lets researchers store and manipulate genomic data

The platform offers storing of a whole genome sequence for $25 per year, while a million API calls to work on the data costs just $1.
IBM Watson Group invests in Pathway Genomics

IBM Watson Group invests in Pathway Genomics to personalize consumer health

Pathway Genomics is aiming to revolutionize the health and wellness industry by leveraging the natural language processing and cognitive capabilities of Watson.
Cambrian Genomics

Cambrian Genomics raises $10 million for its DNA-printing tech

The company plans to use the new funds to keep working on its DNA-printing technology, and to start development of its own incubator.

23andMe launches £125 DNA testing service in the UK

The company's mail-order DNA kits provide customers with an overview of their genetic ancestry, and risk assessments for certain diseases based on genetic data.
Tute Genomics app

Tute Genomics raises $2.3M for its cloud-based genome analytics platform

The Series A1 funding round was led by UK-based Eurovestech, with participation from Peak Ventures, and a number of angel investors.

Prenetics raises $2.65M to drive its non-invasive DNA testing service

The device processes specific data retrieved from breath and analyzes that to graphically produce user friendly information on an accompanying smartphone app.
smartphone-based fluorescence microscope

UCLA engineers create a smartphone-based fluorescence microscope

The device and the app connect the smartphone to a server at UCLA, which rapidly measures the lengths of the individual DNA molecules.

Personalis raises $33M Series C Financing

The money will be used to advance the company's genome-scale sequencing and interpretation services for inherited genetic disease and cancer.