FICHe accelerator

EU-funded FICHe accelerator selects 80 tech companies

Selected out of more than 300 applications, these small and mid-sized enterprises will be offered bootcamps, coaching and webinars.

CMS looking to expand telehealth coverage for 2015

Medicare beneficiaries may be able to receive wellness visits, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and "prolonged evaluation and management services" via telehealth.
Teladoc home

Teladoc sues Texas Medical Board over telemedicine rules

The company has filed an antitrust case to prevent a new rule from taking effect that would restrict the practice of telehealth.
judge hammer

Federal judge sides with Teladoc in Texas telemedicine case

Teladoc noted this is the sixth time in the past four years that the courts have sided with the company in their battle with the Texas Medical Board.
Barack Obama

Obama wants Congress to fund $215M “Precision Medicine” studies

Spending in medical research that tailors treatment to an individual's genes would help the [healthcare] system move away from one-size-fits-all treatments.

Telehealth parity law enacted in New York

Under the law - deductibles, co-insurance or other conditions for coverage of telemedicine cannot differ from those for in-person visits.

Arkansas, Idaho pass bills to allow telemedicine

In Arkansas, the new bill is more limited than the one recently rejected by the State's House of Representatives; the bill passed in Idaho is less restrictive.

Telehealth benefits for medicare beneficiaries expanded during COVID-19 outbreak

Medicare-administered by the CMS will temporarily pay clinicians to provide telehealth services for beneficiaries residing across the entire country.
IBM helping Zambian government to provide improved access to life saving drugs

IBM helping Zambian government to provide improved access to life saving drugs

The goal of IBM's medicine supply chain management project is to save more lives by making medicine widely available when and where it's needed.
HIPAA compliance

Government to make HIPAA compliance rules easier to grasp

Existing guidelines are outdated, according to Morgan Reed, director of The App Association, which represents some 50,000 app developers and IT companies.