MapMyFitness teams-up with Humana to create “Humana fit”

The service integrates with companion Humana fit app which is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

MapMyFitness unveils new Nutrition Center

With the new service, users get better educated about their food choices and more committed to their nutrition and weight loss goals.
UP Coffee

Jawbone’s new app tracks your caffeine addiction

The application will handle just about any drink, from basic sodas to fancy frappuccinos, and will know whether there's caffeine in it or not.

FoodTweeks app lets you control your weight while also feeding the hungry

Users simply tell the app what food they are thinking of buying, eating or preparing, and they'll get images of suggested "tweeks" that remove calories.
Portable food scale WellScale

Portable food scale WellScale raising funds at Indiegogo

Measuring 80 x 20 mm, the compact gadget fits comfortably into a pocket or a purse, while an accompanying app boasts a huge database of ingredients.
Molecular food scanner SCiO

Molecular food scanner SCiO passes $2 million on Kickstarter

More than 10,000 backers joined the likes of Khosla Ventures and other angel investors, which brought more than $5 million to the company.
childhood obesity

Twitter is a great tool for fighting childhood obesity

A new study examined the use of the hashtag #childhoodobesity to track Twitter conversations about the issue of overweight kids.
Jawbone updates its app with food tracking capability

Jawbone updates its app with food tracking capability

The UP Insight Engine will now give you suggestions on how you can improve your overall health, incorporating what you've eaten, sleeping, as well as workouts.
Shine now integrates with Lose It! calorie-tracking app

Shine now integrates with Lose It! calorie-tracking app

The application lets you set goals and design a customized plan toward achieving them, while allowing you to rely on your friends and family for support.
Almond Systems

Almond Systems closes $9M in Series A from CRV and Matrix Partners

The company wants to extract and propagate a clear, personalized signal from all the noise that surrounds users about food choices and medical advice.