UA professor working on a wearable device that tracks diet

UA professor working on a wearable device that tracks diet

Called an Automatic Ingestion Monitor, or AIM, the device would automate what is currently the manual process of inputting the food items through an app.
The BIKI app takes calorie count to the next level

The BIKI app takes calorie count to the next level

The application, currently raising funds at Indiegogo, delivers specific weight loss and diet plans that meet evidence-based goals for different user groups.
Nutrimatix app

This app can convert fitness data into nutritional advice

By combining nutritional research with activity data collected by wearable devices, Nutrimatix generates a unique nutritional fingerprint for each individual.

Rise secures $1M for its nutrition coaching service

The money was provided by existing investors Cowboy Ventures and Floodgate, bringing the company's total funding to at least $3.3 million.

Taiwan’s iFit raises $3M Series A to expand into China, Southeast Asia

Cherubic Ventures led the round with participation from Yuan-jin Capital, Sino Strategy, Alan Chien and Ming-zhe Ou, the former general manager of Lenovo Taiwan.

Self-improvement app Lift hits version 2.0, secures additional $1.1M

The free service will still include community support, whereas those opting to pay for a mentor will get a more personal guidance to achieve their goals.

BitBite is an easy to use Automatic Dietary Recording System

The device's technology helps people lose weight by analyzing how they eat, while providing conclusions on real-time data analysis and pattern recognition.
Noom Coach

Noom raises $16M for its food logging apps, enters licensing deal with Rodale

The new money will be used for R&D, salaries and/or other compensation paid to executive officers in the ordinary course of business.
SKE Labs unveils NEO

SKE Labs unveils NEO, the smart jar

The smart container uses ultra-responsive sensors to seamlessly track its nutritional content, while mobile app provides useful information and advice.

Selvera closes $1M for its weight management service

The company's clinically-based and technology-enabled program is designed to speed up and simplify weight loss, helping user learn to live healthy for life.