stress eating

UMass Medical School, WPI score $2M to develop stress eating app

The grant will be used for the RELAX app development and two phases of clinical trials, with a goal of making users more aware of when and why they stress eat.
wearable banana

Dole unveils a wearable banana?

The company's Japan division has outfitted a banana with sensors and LEDs to create the world's first edible wearable.

SmartPlate uses sensors to identify nutritional content of a meal

The device relies on cameras and sensors to identify, weigh and record everything on the plate, and transmit that information to a companion app.

LifeFuels dispenses and tracks the vitamins, minerals and supplements users consume

The system consists of three parts: smart dispensing bottle; the FuelPod Marketplace with vitamins, minerals and other supplements; and the LifeFuels app.

Portable spectrometer SCiO shipping soon to Kickstarter backers

The portable device does its magic by relying on the power of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to scan physical materials for their molecular fingerprint.

Smart vitamin and supplement dispenser Nourish launches on Indiegogo

The WiFi-enabled product works with a companion app to analyze fitness, nutrition, and sleep data and dispense a personalized blend of powdered nutrients.
Welltok dining recommendations

Welltok adds Healthy Dining data to its CaféWell Concierge app

Using IBM Watson's cognitive computing technology, the application is able to deliver personalized dining recommendations.
MyChi device and app

MyChi is touted as the world’s first food therapy smart assistant

Rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), by tracking a user's sleep patterns, the system offers dietary and holistic health lifestyle advice.
Rise CoachLine

Rise unveils CoachLine, a personal assistant for food-related advice

The service will let both existing Rise subscribers or any consumer via SMS connect with a team of human advisors to get food advice on the fly.
Noom app

Noom teams-up with Kaiser Permanente and Mount Sinai over a mobile eating disorder treatment

The three parties will work together on a 12-week, 200-person trial of a new mobile health app for eating disorders called Noom Monitor.