AutoDietary necklace

This necklace could one day track food intake by listening

The device called AutoDietary has a small microphone on the back that records the sound of people eating food and then sends that information to a smartphone.
Verizon store

WebMD’s weight loss program helped 800 Verizon employees lose weight

The pilot was open to Verizon employees who had a BMI over 30 or a blood glucose level above a certain threshold.
Nima sensor

6SensorLabs gets $9.2M for its gluten sensor, rebrands to Nima

The company will use the funds to fuel the development and release of food sensors for peanut and milk, R&D on additional proteins and substances...
Calorie Mama

The Calorie Mama app can easily recognize your food

The free to download food photo app can recognize your food to simplify the calorie counting process.
Calorie Mama AI app - DNA enhanced

Azumio adds DNA-based insights into its Calorie Mama AI app

The app will lets users sequence their DNA so they could gain a deeper understanding of their body and its unique needs.
keychain-sized allergen tester

This $40 keychain-size device can detect allergens in food

Called iEAT, it is still work in progress, but once ready -- it will be able to do its magic within just 10 minutes.
Teladoc Nutrition

Teladoc Nutrition launched to offer personalized nutrition counseling

It is touted the first nutrition service to combine specialized care with personalization, included within a comprehensive virtual care environment.