, C3N launch Collaborative Chronic Care Network, C3N launch Collaborative Chronic Care Network

The goal is to use smartphones to help doctors passively capture the experiences of adolescents who are managing their inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

MapMyFitness teams-up with Humana to create “Humana fit”

The service integrates with companion Humana fit app which is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

MapMyFitness working with Coca-Cola on its Take It To The Park program

The goal is to inspire as many as 3 million people to have fun and get active in parks, on beaches, in gyms and recreation centers all around the country.

EB Sport Group’s SYNC Burn and Elite can sing along MapMyFitness apps

Through the MapMyFitness platform, users can view, track and share their fitness progress, creating an environment that constantly encourages and challenges them.

MapMyFitness now sync with Jawbone UP

Importing workout data from UP is easy, and it will populate entire day's worth of steps as a single "Walk" workout.

MapMyFitness partnership with Gympact allows users to set goals and get paid for meeting...

You'll need to download both MapMyFitness and Gympact apps and link the two accounts. Then, make a pact and give your best to follow through on your commitment.
PUMAPact Challenge

Gym-Pact launches #PUMAPact Challenge

Gym-Pact has teamed-up with Puma to launch the #PUMAPact Challenge. Users can update the Gym-Pact app to see an interactive leaderboard displaying the top...
GymPact announces RunKeeper Integration

GymPact announces RunKeeper Integration

The first 1,000 people to do a run, walk or bike ride on GymPact we'll be offered an extra $5 in rewards.
GymPact's iPhone app gets Home Workouts

GymPact’s iPhone app gets Home Workouts

GymPact launched a new feature for its iPhone app. Dubbed GymPact Anywhere, it relies on the built-in accelerometer to allow users to track their...
ITU, Bupa to work together on M-Health initiative

ITU, Bupa to work together on M-Health initiative

The two parties want to fight chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases.