mHealth Spot is looking for partners

mHealth Spot is looking for partners

mHealth Spot is looking for a few advertising partners (or just one) to establish deep relation(s) so that everyone can benefit. We can offer exclusive advertising on the site and in our newsletter, as well as early access to our upcoming reports, and even provide some research and consulting services.

We are looking for monthly contract(s) with plans to invest more time in the site development, add more content, and partner with a number of different digital health events all around the world for extra exposure. Our partners would benefit from our growth, as well.

Companies that could benefit from partnering with us include the likes of:

  • mHealth start-ups and established players
  • News organizations
  • Various funds
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Other companies from the health sector

What we could offer

  • Prominent presence across the mHealth Spot site and newsletter
  • Access to all our reports
  • Early access to our upcoming reports
  • Help with the media (PR)
  • Select research services
  • Select consulting services / advice

What we are looking for

  • Sustainable monthly income to put into further site development
  • Just a few dedicated partners (or just one)
  • Short- to medium-term commitment (at least 3-month contract, 6- or 12-month would be preferred)

This isn’t a classic ad deal — we’re not accepting advertising at this moment — it’s more of a strategic tie-up we’re looking for. And we will make sure our partner(s) are properly served in return.

Get in touch!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we could provide you with all the details.

So if you’re interested to explore something like this, please use the form on this page, or call Dusan at +381-64-1345526. We’re looking forward to work with you. 😉