Dental Health 2.0

Smart Devices Changing The Dental Healthcare

M-BabiesThe healthcare industry is poised for transformation. Pretty much every part of the industry is being digitized, and many procedures and processes are “going mobile” as we speak.

Dental health is not an exception, though due to its “more personal” nature, it’s catching up to the “obvious” fitness and wellness tracking services.

There are already a number of apps that want to help us take better care of our teeth, but the scope of this report is somewhat different — we want to take a look at modern devices that connect to a smartphone or tablet to enhance our dental hygiene.

Some of these products seem unneeded, and like that’s the case with most gadgets, we can live without them. Nevertheless, they are coming with companies working on such products raising millions to add mobility to our teeth brushing.

On the other hand, there’s Oral-B, a division of Procter & Gamble, entering this space, indicating this is not a field where only startups will play in. P&G thinks of its smart toothbrush as part of the broader “Connected Bathroom” initiative, as it doesn’t want to be left out from the from the mobile revolution.

Mobile technology keeps touching every part of our lives, so why would our teeth be “left alone.” They won’t be.

The report covers the most innovative connected dental health products and discusses business models. It is available as part of mHealth Spot’s Premium membership.