Smart Devices that Bring Parenting to the 21st Century

M-BabiesIt is said that new moms are one of the least price sensitive consumer groups in the world. As more moms get smartphones, the smart baby products market will only to grow in the years to come.

We’ve seen different kinds of baby products connected to a mobile device, from monitoring to nutrition tracking device; plus there are other, still unique products made to make lives easier for new parents.

Although novel, this market is poised for a small revolution with pretty much any device used for parenting getting their smart/connected counterpart.

All of the baby products in this report are split across three categories: first, we’re talking about those used for remote monitoring of a baby; second, we’re looking at those that make it easier to keep up with baby’s feeding needs; and finally we have the third category for everything else. Devices listed in the last category are rather unique and we yet have to see whether they will fly or not.

Right now the market is comprised of a number of small players and some industry consolidation is likely in the years to come. Mergers seem unlikely — we think — but big-name companies scooping up the startups are almost a certainty given the high margins of many baby products, let alone smart ones.

The report presents the most innovative baby products and discusses business models. It is available as part of mHealth Spot’s Premium membership.