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10 of the latest digital health funding deals

Date Company Amount Round Category
May 24, 2022 SwipeRx $27M Series B Online pharmacy
Lead investor(s): MDI Ventures
Also participating: Gates Foundation, Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures, Susquehanna International Group, existing backers
The SwipeRx app allows users to keep up to date with the latest healthcare news and drug information and access free educational continuing professional development (CPD) modules, which are mandatory in many Southeast Asian countries. The app also helps pharmacists search for new job opportunities or to post job offers. Like LinkedIn, the app also invites users who aren't necessarily on the cusp of changing jobs to expand their network by connecting to their pharmacy peers. The company will use the fresh capital to scale its growth across Southeast Asia, expand its logistics network for B2B e-commerce and increase its team. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 21, 2022 Vitruvian $15M Series A Fitness
Lead investor(s): Larsen Ventures, Ten13
Founded in late 2018, Perth, Australia-based startup Vitruvian is selling smart at-home strength-training systems that offer resistance-based weights up to ~440 pounds. The company says the money will go toward scaling up the business around its Trainer+ system, which received a second generation upgrade late last year. It's also using the round to push into the large United States market. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 21, 2022 Unlearn $50M Series B Clinical trials
Lead investor(s): Insight Partners
Also participating: Radical Ventures, 8VC, DCVC, DCVC Bio, Mubadala Capital Ventures
Unlearn works with pharma sponsors, biotech companies, and academic institutions to optimize human clinical trials with TwinRCTs. A TwinRCT is a randomized trial that uses machine learning and historical data to achieve a higher probability of success with a smaller number of patients. As in a traditional randomized controlled trial (RCT), patients are randomized to a treatment group and a control group; but, unlike a traditional trial, a digital twin is computed for every patient using a machine learning model trained on historical control data. The treatment effects for the primary and secondary outcomes can all be estimated with greater precision after correcting for each patient's prognostic score derived from their digital twin. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published a draft qualification opinion indicating that this approach can be used for the primary analysis of phase II and III studies because it doesn't introduce bias. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 21, 2022 Free Market Health $13.5M Series A Specialty pharmacy
Lead investor(s): Alta Partners
Also participating: Highmark Ventures, 653 Investment Partners
Free Market Health is a healthcare technology company transforming the specialty pharmacy ecosystem with a care-driven marketplace platform. The capital will support Free Market Health as it scales its innovative, care-driven marketplace platform that streamlines the complex and opaque specialty medication fulfillment process to benefit all its stakeholders: patients, specialty pharmacies, and payers. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 21, 2022 Blue Spark Technologies $40M Other Remote monitoring
Lead investor(s): Ghost Tree Partners
Also participating: Aon plc
Blue Spark Technologies is developing remote patient monitoring solutions such as TempTraq, which is the only continuous, disposable, real-time body temperature monitoring patch that gives healthcare providers a way to monitor patients for fever spikes for up to 72 hours. The funding will go towards scaling the company's sales and marketing functions and the continued advancement of Blue Spark's wearable remote patient monitoring solutions. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 19, 2022 Clipboard Health $80M Series C Staffing
Lead investor(s): Sequoia Capital (Series C), IVP (Series B)
Also participating: Y Combinator, Caffeinated Capital, Initialized Capital, SciFi VC
Clipboard Health is an app-based marketplace that matches nurses with open shifts at nearby healthcare facilities. This funding includes a $50 million Series B round in 2021 and a $30 million Series C round this year. The the proceeds will be put toward hiring in all areas of the business, including in engineering. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 15, 2022 Salignostics $8M Series A Saliva-based tests
Lead investor(s): Avigdor Orlinsky
Also participating: private investors
Israel-based Salignostics is the developer and provider of rapid saliva-based tests for the early detection of pregnancy, as well as COVID-19, cardiac risk, malaria, and other diseases. The capital raised will support development, commercialization, and marketing efforts of the tests in Israel and overseas. It will also support the launch of a new plant that is currently under construction in the Lavon Industrial Zone in the Northern Israel. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 14, 2022 GripAble $11M Series A Rehabilitation
Lead investor(s): IP Group
Also participating: Parkwalk Advisors
GripAble's mission is to make outcome-driven care scalable and accessible to all, delivering high volumes of efficient and personalised therapy from hospital to home. Through a digitally led care pathway, combining bespoke hand-held sensors, engaging, gamified app software, and hybrid tele-therapy services, GripAble will allow more patients to access gold standard physical and cognitive rehab for longer, driving improved outcomes whilst reducing costs. The new funds will enable GripAble to expand its industry-leading data platform and therapy services, with a particular focus on growing markets in Europe and the US. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 14, 2022 Forge Health $11M Other Behavioral health
Lead investor(s): HC9 Ventures
Forge plans to use the funds to accelerate expansion of its market-leading mental health and substance use treatment model that seamlessly integrates digital health and in-person clinics, enhance its technology capabilities, and grow value-based partnerships with additional payers, health systems, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), government agencies, and employers. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Apr 14, 2022 RoboCT 100M RMB Series A Robotics
Lead investor(s): Fortune Capital
Also participating: Essence Securities, Poly Capital, Blue Run Ventures China
RoboCT was the first firm in China to obtain the NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) registration certificate for lower-limb exoskeleton robots for central neuropathy (covering paraplegia, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, etc.). Focusing on rehabilitation and elderly care, RoboCT began commercializing its technology as a UGO exoskeleton robot, which is now in use in more than 200 hospitals in China to help patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, lower limb muscle weakness or other nervous systems diseases to relearn gait supported by intention detection technology and multi-sensor information fusion technology to analyze, judge and respond to user intentions. read more

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