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10 of the latest digital health funding deals

Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 23, 2022 Ceribell $50M Series C Seizure monitoring
Lead investor(s): Ally Bridge Group
The Ceribell technology platform is designed to address the need for easier and faster diagnosis in patients with suspicion of seizure. The company will use the financing proceeds to support ongoing commercial expansion across emergency departments and intensive care units. In addition, Ceribell will continue to leverage the power of machine learning and easy EEG accessibility to address other neurological conditions beyond seizure. The company announced receipt of Breakthrough Device Designation for its delirium indication from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this month. The financing was structured as an extension of the company's previously announced Series C financing. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 23, 2022 Bicycle Health $5M Series B Opioid addiction treatment
Lead investor(s): Cobalt Ventures
Founded in 2017, Bicycle Health is the leading provider of virtual opioid addiction treatment, reducing OUD symptoms in over 18,000 patients and saving the healthcare system over $1.1 billion. As a virtual OUD provider, the company currently offers the largest national coverage and is available across 28 states. Bicycle Health is also the first and only virtual provider in the OUD space to publish a peer-reviewed study proving the efficacy of its telehealth model. The capital is a part of Bicycle Health's Series B venture capital financing. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 22, 2022 Naveris $51M Series A Cancer detection
Lead investor(s): Gurnet Point Capital
Also participating: TechU Ventures, BrightEdge
Naveris' blood tests for earlier cancer detection use proprietary patented DNA fragmentomics technology to distinguish between viral DNA arising from cancers versus infection. Proceeds from this financing will be used to advance commercialization of NavDx, Naveris' flagship blood test for the early detection of cancers caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), and to generate the clinical data needed to expand into other cancer types and indications. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 22, 2022 Pareto Holdings $4.7M Other Surrogacy
Lead investor(s): Amplo
Also participating: Scott Belsky of Behance, Chelsea Hirschhorn of Frida, Kate Ryder of Maven Clinic, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Interplay Venture Capital, others
Incubated by Pareto Holdings, Nodal is on a mission to redefine the surrogacy experience through transparency, equity and empowerment. Much like Bumble did for single women, Nodal prompts surrogates to make the first connection with intended parent profiles that feel right for them, while offering education and support for all parties on their journey. The platform uses proprietary technology to expertly connect intended parents with surrogates. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 21, 2022 Zocalo Health $5M Seed Primary care
Lead investor(s): Animo, Virtue, Vamos Ventures
Also participating: Necessary Ventures, Able Partners, angel investors
Zocalo Health is a Latino-founded healthcare service designed for Latino patients. The funds will support the company's launch of virtual primary care services in California, Texas, and Washington in 2022, introducing an improved and long overdue healthcare experience for Latinos built on trust, community, and culture. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 21, 2022 Eko $2.7M Grant Hypertension
Lead investor(s): NIH
Eko, a digital health company applying machine learning in the fight against heart and lung disease, was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Direct Phase II grant by the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The grant will fund the development of a machine learning algorithm that detects and stratifies pulmonary hypertension (PH) using phonocardiogram (PCG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) data provided by Eko's smart stethoscopes. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 21, 2022 Pretzel Therapeutics $72.5M Series A Biotech
Lead investor(s): ARCH Venture Partners, Mubadala Capital
Also participating: HealthCap, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Cambridge Enterprise, Angelini Ventures, GV, Invus, Eir Ventures, GU Ventures, Karolinska Institutet Holding
Pretzel Therapeutics is a biotechnology company harnessing the intricacies of mitochondrial biology to develop groundbreaking therapies. Pretzel's platform encompasses three primary technologies to modulate mitochondrial function: Genome correction, genome expression modulation, and mitochondrial quality control. The company's genome correction therapeutics will utilize specialized gene-editing tools to reduce mutated mitochondrial DNA and increase the levels of healthy mitochondrial DNA. Genome expression modulation will be accomplished using small molecules that act on the enzymes involved in mitochondrial DNA replication, transcription, and translation. Finally, mitochondrial quality control will be targeted using small molecules that modulate mitochondria's built-in quality control system. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 21, 2022 Lyfegen $8M Series A Value-based contracting
Lead investor(s): aMoon
Also participating: APEX Ventures, others
Lyfegen is an independent, global software analytics company providing a value and outcome-based agreement platform for health insurances, pharma, medtech & hospitals around the globe. The secure platform identifies and operationalizes value-based payment models cost-effectively and at scale using a variety of real-world data and machine learning. With Lyfegen's patent-pending platform, health insurances & hospitals can implement and scale value-based healthcare, improving access to treatments, patient health outcomes and affordability. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 21, 2022 TCARE $17M Series A Caregiver support
Lead investor(s): American Family Ventures
Also participating: Ziegler Link-age Funds, Unum Ventures, Inception Health, Sompo Holdings, Plug & Play Ventures, SixThirty Ventures, Aflac Ventures, Blu Ventures, 25madison, Connetic Ventures
TCARE dubs itself the only evidence-based family caregiver support solution that has proven return on investment (ROI) outcomes for risk-bearing Health and Long-Term Care (LTC) insurers. The new capital will help TCARE expand its offerings with enterprise customers as it goes through this important inflection point for the company. TCARE's value-based approach has allowed it to both expand its footprint with current customers as well as bring on new customers in previously untapped markets. read more
Date Company Amount Round Category
Sep 21, 2022 Scratch Financial $35M Series C Patient financing
Lead investor(s): Norwest Venture Partners
Also participating: Alumni Ventures, Companion Fund, Struck Capital, SWS Venture Capital, TTV Capital, others
Scratch Financial is a Pasadena-based fintech company reimagining patient financing. The funding will be used to accelerate the development of new technology to help medical providers better connect with their clients and manage the end-to-end patient experience. read more

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