Ensemble by Happify Health

Happify unveils the first digital therapeutics to treat both MDD and GAD

Designed as an adjunct to care for MDD and GAD, Ensemble must be prescribed by a clinician to treat these disorders.
Akili EndeavorRx New Gameplay Features

Akili unveils new gameplay features for its video game treatment for children with ADHD

The enhancements were based on the latest trends in video game development and informed by user insights collected across multiple forums.
Collective Health - Premier Partner Program

Collective Health unveils Premier Partner Program for employers to manage digital health benefits

The solutions kicks of with 10 leading digital health solutions across six of the most in-demand clinical categories.
Peloton gaming

Peloton to launch an in-app video game

The game involves riders changing their cadence and resistance to meet various goals and control an on-screen rolling wheel.
Telstra Health

Telstra Health to acquire a majority stake in PowerHealth

PowerHealth is a specialist provider in billing, revenue solutions, budgeting, safety and quality, decision support and application integration solutions.
Solve Care app

Solve.Care launches the first open global blockchain telehealth network

First of its kind blockchain teleconsultation network goes live in 20 countries, using digital currency for payments.
Zepp Health OS

Zepp Health unveils a new chip for wearables, smartwatch OS and blood pressure measurement...

The Huangshan 2s smart wearable chip is set to become one of the key smart wearable chips for the company's third generation of Amazfit smartwatches.
Eargo 5

Eargo 5 Hearing Aid launched with Sound Match technology

The medical-grade, FDA Class II exempt hearing device is customizable by the user to their hearing preferences through all-new Sound Match technology.
Amazon Echo digital assistant

Amazon wants to track your sleep

The FCC gave Amazon approval to use airwaves for radar sensors that would aid the management of sleep hygiene.
Avanlee app

Avanlee Care launches an all-in-one elderly care app

The solution gives families peace of mind and care receivers an easy way to socialize with loved ones and overcome loneliness from their smartphones.

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