The term mHealth (for mobile health) is used to describe the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices. We at mHealth Spot are here to cover it all. Whether we’re talking about fitness apps, mobile diabetes tracking, doctor to patient management solutions, smart bands or any other mHealth-related thing – we’ll cover it all. Our plan is to make mHealth Spot a leading source of mHealth information.

mHealth is nascent but fast growing industry. The existing healthcare systems in the developed economies aren’t built to support the rapidly aging population, so they turn to new technologies to tackle this problem. On the other end of the spectrum, mobile technology is also proving useful in the emerging markets with under-developed healthcare infrastructure.

Modern smartphones are being used by an increasing number of users, and thanks to their built-in sensors and connectivity capabilities, they present the perfect tool for solving this conundrum. However, smartphones are just one piece of the puzzle as more sensors and devices are needed to get a better picture of one’s health condition. Thus, an array of companies is getting involved in this space, and today we have both the “big boys” like Samsung, Qualcomm and Intel, as well as a growing army of startups joining the space with innovative products and solutions.

The market, however, is still emerging and while there is no doubt mHealth is poised for growth, there are still just a few places where individuals and companies can get relevant information. mHealth Spot was envisioned to jump on that opportunity, offering information to certain segments of the population and businesses such as pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, healthcare technology companies (and the larger medical industry), government representatives, startups looking to innovate in this space, reporters, investors, analysts or anyone else who wants to keep up with the news.

mHealth Spot is a pet-project of Dusan Belic, a mobile enthusiast who’s been covering the mobile industry since 2006.