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24-17 April 2023 Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels

Economist Impact: Cell and Gene Therapy SummitEconomist Impact: Cell and Gene Therapy Summit
Simplify the conversation around the advancement of cell and gene products in the market

Our inaugural cell and gene therapy event convenes stakeholders from a range of industries. These important decision-makers will advance the discussion on bringing transformative products into the market.

Cell and gene therapies are redefining the treatment of a host of diseases, giving hope to patients who previously had no therapeutic options.These treatments can be transformative in the battle against cancer, genetic disorders and rare diseases. NICE estimates they expect to review 30 new cell and gene therapy products by 2023, and the FDA predicts that by 2025 there could be 15-20 on the market. Future market-leading therapies will provide a treatment solution for patients with limited options.

Attendees will discover how healthcare systems and policies need to evolve to accommodate essential cell and gene therapies.