LUMEA - VERILY partnership

Verily, Lumea team-up to advance digital pathology in prostate cancer

The agreement brings together Verily's cutting edge AI algorithms with Lumea's comprehensive end-to-end digital pathology platform.
NexStem headset

NexStem launches its VR headset and software to control devices through thought alone

The end-to-end offering aims to smash barriers to entry, delivering cost-effective and non-invasive means to process neural data.
XRHealth HTC preorder

XRHealth, HTC introduce Flow Health and Focus 3 Health

Both solutions provide portable VR healthcare solutions for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and patients to use in the comfort of their home.
Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon Pharmacy partners with Blue Plans to make some medications more affordable

The tech giant's pharmacy arm is rolling out a prescription discount savings card that's available to some Blue Plans members in 5 states.
Google Care Studio - Conditions

Google Care Studio updated with the Conditions feature

The new feature aims to help clinicians make even better sense of patient records.
Cedar Pre

Cedar Pre launched to deliver comprehensive healthcare experiences to consumers preparing for care

Through Cedar's expanded suite for patient engagement, providers can simplify and personalize patient experiences along the end-to-end healthcare journey.
Current Health

Current Health adds support for full range of chronic conditions

The company's enterprise platform enables healthcare organizations to manage care across acute, post-acute, and chronic conditions.
Cognito Therapeutics

Cognito Therapeutics, Aetion team-up to use AI to identify progressing cognitive impairments

Collaboration aims to develop a predictive model to help identify individuals at an increased risk of developing mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's

Aflac, NeuroFlow to enhance group long-term disability offering with innovative mental health solution

The two companies aim to proactively help close gaps in care for customers that experience mental health and emotional challenges.

Active Minds, TimelyMD team-up to improve mental health of college students

Building upon years of collaboration, Active Minds officially recognizes TimelyMD as a preferred provider for virtual health in higher education.

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