New Nest Hub

Google unveils new Nest Hub with sleep tracking capability

The feature, called Sleep Sensing, uses Motion Sense to analyze how the person closest to the display is sleeping, based on their movement and breathing.

Truepill launches employer-cooperative COVID-19 workplace safety platform

The COVID-19 digital testing and treatment platform will help employees at HTA Member companies safely and effectively transition back to worksites.
Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit Ace 3 announced, a next-gen activity and sleep tracker for kids

The updated wearable has a longer battery life than its predecessor, new interactive clock faces, and kid-friendly design with playful accessories.
Apple Women Health Study

Apple Women’s Health Study releases preliminary data

The landmark study's first set of data is significant in its scope and scale, offering insights into menstruation and the experiences of women across the US.
Moderna building

Moderna, IBM to collaborate on COVID-19 vaccine supply chain and distribution data sharing

The two companies will explore technologies, including AI, blockchain and hybrid cloud, that could help support smarter COVID-19 vaccine management.
Abbott NeuroSphere

Abbott’s NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic offers first-of-its-kind remote neuromodulation patient care

The FDA-approved system allows a patient to both communicate with a physician and remotely receive stimulation settings in real time regardless of location.
Adoption of digital health tools 2015-2020

Rock Health shares key insights from its 2020 digital health consumer adoption report

Amidst a national pandemic and the ensuing stay-at-home orders, consumer adoption rates grew 10+ percentage points.
Best Buy Health on Apple Watch

Best Buy Health brings Lively Health safety services to Apple Watch users

Best Buy Health worked closely with Apple on this upcoming feature, which is one of the first to use Apple's fall detection API to help protect the users.
Apple Hearing Study

Apple shares new insights on hearing health from its Hearing Study

The company is sharing new data from thousands of participants across the US in an effort to help people better understand their hearing health.
Highmark Health - simple health experience

Highmark Health taps Verily to reinvent the healthcare experience

The multi-year partnership will support development of Highmark Health's Living Health model to deliver more proactive and personalized health care.

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