Techstars Healthcare

Techstars re-launched its healthcare program in Los Angeles

The consortium-led accelerator program will select 12 high-growth startups to participate in its intensive 13-week program
Smart Omix by Sharecare

Sharecare launches self-service software platform for decentralized clinical research

The next generation of Smart Omix by Sharecare introduces a scalable SaaS-based solution for conducting digitally enabled research studies
losing weight

Tracking weight loss with digital health tools may help reduce obesity

No matter which weight loss strategy you select, you're generally more successful if you follow your improvement with digital health tools...
Withings - new smart scale

Withings unveils its fanciest smart scale yet and a subscription service

Said service, called Health+, provides detailed health analysis and tools to help people improve their health by building a health routine
Traill - Mayo Clinic

Triall, Mayo Clinic to advance blockchain in clinical trial data and study management

Mayo Clinic will onboard Triall's blockchain-integrated platform to embed verifiable data integrity into a pulmonary arterial hypertension trial
digital health

3 Examples of Technology Use in Healthcare

Today the services offered by hospitals and other healthcare settings have led to increased life expectancies for millions of people around the world...
AWS 2022 Healthcare Accelerator

These 10 startups have been selected for the 2022 AWS Healthcare Accelerator

This year's cohort brought forward innovative ideas that will improve access to care, provide actionable health equity data, expand access, and more
Deezer medication service

Music streaming service Deezer launching a meditation app soon?

A well-being app called Zen has been launched in Belgium with features that include guided yoga, meditation and inspiration
Cholesterol Whole Heart tracking

Hello Heart unveils a new feature for managing cholesterol

My Cholesterol will provide millions of users with clarity on their cholesterol and triglycerides trends through personalized insights and coaching
Teleflex - FundamentalVR partnership

Teleflex, FundamentalVR working together to improve training through VR simulation

FundamentalVR will offer Teleflex's scalable training platform to accelerate the effective use of the UroLift 2 system for the treatment of enlarged prostate

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