Sensoria textile sensor-infused sock

NeurOpTrek launches new wearable system to visually improve balance, vision and reduce risk of...

Sensoria Health and Padula Rehabilitation Technologies address serious health concerns among elderly, people suffering from accidents and athletes improving performance
digital health

Tips For Outsourcing Healthcare Software Development

Grand View Research estimates that the global market for digital health products was approximately USD 211.0 billion in 2022 and would increase at an average annual increase of 18.6% from 2023 to 2030...
International Health & Wellness Tourism Congress

International Health & Wellness Tourism Congress by Agora Group and Düsseldorf Tourismus on June...

Agora Group is working with Düsseldorf Tourismus, the tourism promotion agency, to host The International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress (IHWTC) on June 8th & 9th, 2023, at Hotel KÖ59, Düsseldorf, Germany
Luma Health - Meditech Alliance

Luma Health integrates with MEDITECH Expanse EHR

As part of the inaugural MEDITECH Alliance program, Luma makes proven outcomes available to health systems using MEDITECH's EHR system
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Medical Education and Practice

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Medical Education and Practice

The potential for AI to revolutionize medical education and practice means that it is set to have a significant impact on the healthcare industry...

The Tech Behind Healthcare: 6 Innovations Keeping the Industry Together

From the discovery of X-ray to the invention of MRI, healthcare has now become dependent on technological innovation...
VR relieve pain during childbirth

VR Therapy: Are There Any Advantages?

There are numerous reasons that virtual reality therapy actually works, and below are some of the more commonly associated advantages.
older couple looking at a bill

Does Insurance Cover Digital Health Apps and Devices?

As with any new technology, whether insurance will cover the cost of digital health tools arises...
blood pressure

The Impact of Technology on Nursing Practice and Patient Care: Top Trends and Innovations...

From electronic health records to telehealth, technology has transformed the way nurses provide care and interact with patients...
digital health

Top 7 Digital Technologies for Tracking Your Health

The use of technology in medical settings opens up new possibilities for patients and medical professionals to live more sustainably and to treat even previously incurable diseases...

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