Apple Fitness Plus

Apple Fitness+ launches on December 14

The service promises studio-style workouts while incorporating workout metrics from Apple Watch for a personalized and immersive experience.
Emmi Care Plan for Alexa

Wolters Kluwer launches new Alexa healthcare skill for patients recovering at home

Called Emmi Care Plan, it aims to restore the patient-provider dialogue after discharge simply by using the voice service.
Welldoc home

Welldoc’s chronic condition platform expanded to include behavioral health

The new offering complements existing programs for diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and diabetes prevention.
Quiz PCR Biochip

Singapore medtech company launches portable genetic test for COVID-19

Using a nasal swab or saliva specimen, this portable genetic test uses biotechnology to determine in minutes, anywhere, if a person has COVID-19 or not.
Covid19 Employee HealthCheck tool

Northwell Direct, Conversa offer a COVID-19 screening tool for New York schools and employers

With the COVID-19 HealthCheck, employees use a simple conversational chat to check for exposure to the coronavirus and get a digital "badge" when cleared.
Lively Wearable2

IDC: Shipments of wearable devices go reach 125M units in Q3 2020

The surge was driven by seasonality, new product launches, and the global pandemic...
Google taps AHRQ for a new tool to help patients plan for medical visits

Google taps AHRQ for a new tool to help patients plan for medical visits

When people use Google to search for a healthcare provider, they will have the option to create their own private visit plan.
Mia breast screening AI

Kheiron’s breast screening AI Mia could help radiologists detect the breast cancer

The results on 40,000+ mammograms showed that if Mia is introduced, the overall double reading recall rate is 4-5% and the cancer detection rate is 8.4 per 1000.

UCB taps Medisafe in development of digital companion for patient engagement

Digital companions are available for patients currently taking a UCB epilepsy therapy to manage this chronic condition through Medisafe's patient platform.
VitalPatch RTM

VitalConnect launches VitalPatch RTM, an extended holter tech for cardiac monitoring

In combination with a newly opened independent diagnostic testing facility, VitalConnect is advancing how patients are monitored for cardiac arrhythmias.

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