Julia Winn from BetterFit joins the Ginger.io team

Julia Winn

Julia Winn, founder and former CEO of BetterFit Technologies, has joined the Ginger.io family.

She built the first prototype of BetterFit during her senior year at Harvard College, and a year later – BetterFit graduated from the Techstars Boston program, raised seed funding, and deployed with its first paying customer.

Built around natural language processing, BetterFit focused on individual patient care. Its initial product was a tool to predict how a person would react to a new drug based on her reactions to previous drugs. Over time, Julia and her team realized the complexities in doctor-patient communication, and pivoted their platform to enable automated, personalized text message conversations with patients between doctor visits.

Julia is already hard at work helping the company think through some of the biggest strategic questions facing Ginger.io.