Atonarp secures $8M to further develop its cancer-detecting spectrometer

Atonarp secure $8M to further develop its cancer-detecting spectrometer

Tokyo-based Atonarp raised $8 million to further develop its spectrometer that analyzes a user’s breath to non-invasively detect early phase cancer. What’s more, the device can also be used for non-invasive blood glucose measurement. The round was led by Walden Riverwood Ventures.

According to the company’s website, several different organizations have already used their product to conduct research, including Cleveland Clinic, on how to detect cancer through a user’s breath. Atonarp notes that a dog which was trained to detect cancer had 98% accuracy while some of devices got as high as 93% accuracy. What dogs had that sensor technology didn’t was the use of their full brains.

After coming to this conclusion, Atonarp connected its sensors to a platform that uses algorithms inspired by dog brains to diagnose diseases with higher accuracy. The company will be testing its product with manufacturers this year and plans to start production in early 2015.

Disease detection aside, Atonarp also aims to use its technology in the oil and gas industry.

[Via: MobiHealthNews]