InteraXon, Reebok and Gaiam team-up to bring brain fitness to the masses


Booming 27 billion dollars yoga industry proves that mindfulness and meditation are an important part of a comprehensive fitness regime. In an effort to bring a balanced, head-to-toe workout to the masses, the team behind brain-sensing headband Muse has partnered with fitness giants Gaiam and Reebok.

“Teaming up with Gaiam was a natural fit. They understand the mind-body connection and the incredible impact a stressed mind can have on the body, no matter how physically fit,” said Ariel Garten, Co-founder and CEO of InteraXon. “We are thrilled to have them as part of the Muse family.”

InteraXon has also partnered with Reebok on a small pilot study that explores the mental fitness space.InteraXon has also partnered with Reebok on a small pilot study that explores the mental fitness space. The Consumer Insights Team at Rebook will use Muse to gain a better understanding of how people define mental illness while also gauging interest in the use of devices like Muse for self-improvement. Insights from this study will be used to shape Rebook’s thinking and support on mental fitness.

Reebok’s interest in brain-sensing devices and Gaiam’s retail partnership with Muse affirm the fitness industry’s focus on uniting mental and physical wellness as part of a well-rounded approach to good health. It also strengthens the role wearables are playing in helping users to become more aware of their body and mind.

Under the deal, Gaiam will be selling InteraXon’s black Muse for $299 on its website and through its Amazon store until the end of October.

Finally, it’s worth adding that this isn’t the first time Reebok has expressed interest in wearables and the brain. Last year, the athletic brand worked with MC10 to create the CHECKLIGHT, a skullcap that measures the impact of blows sustained during contact sports. The device continuously measures the severity of blows to the head and provides coaches, trainers or parents feedback in real time via color-coded lights.

[Via: MobileSyrup]