ListRunner wants to eliminate hospital paperwork


ListRunner is a promising app and service that wants to eliminate the hospital paperwork.

Although there are many solutions out there that try to digitize hospital work flow inside hospitals, doctors keep jotting down notes about a patient for the next doctor on duty. This is despite the fact that these paper hand-offs cause miscommunication which accounts for more than 80% of medical error, according to the Center for Transforming Healthcare.

HIPAA-compliant ListRunner will work even in dead zones where there isn’t a Wi-Fi signal around.Founded by Dr. Jeeshan Chowdury and backed by Y Combinator seed accelerator, ListRunner wants to change that. A Rhodes Scholar with a an MD and a Ph.D. in medical information systems, he has teamed-up with engineer Dominic Savoie and Dr. Trevor Chan to create ListRunner and finally remove the paper from doctor’s offices.

This Android and iOS app creates a digital record within the app that can be taken on-the-go and shared on a private network with other doctors. Moreover, it will work even in dead zones where there isn’t a Wi-Fi signal around. Perhaps more important, ListRunner is HIPAA-compliant making it “legally ready” to carry patient data.

According to the authors, the app is useful when it’s reliable, HIPAA-compliant, and can work even offline in case of emergency or lack of Wi-Fi.

The ListRunner app just released a private beta version, which is being tested in 15 hospitals worldwide. “The rapid adoption in South Africa taught us to do a slow rollout while we test and make it better,” Chowdury says. “A lot of the info doctors put on this app is mission critical.”

[Via: TechCrunch]