BetterDoctor opens up its API

BetterDoctor opens up its API

BetterDoctor, the company that wants to empower Americans to make better healthcare decisions, is opening up its API to allow third-party developers to chip-in and include information about the best doctors in the US in their apps.

Over the past three years, BetterDoctor has helped over 10 million people find the right provider for their unique needs, connecting them with providers in every state, city and specialty.

With the API, the idea is to bring this to the whole new level. It is made for healthcare hackers building a new app; hospital or practice administrators looking to better serve their patients; or employers introducing doctor search to their company.

At the end of June, BetterDoctor announced a $10 million funding round to further develop its physician referral platform. With the new API, they are getting closer to the goal to allow Americans to quickly find doctors and book an appointment not just from BetterDoctor’s website and apps, but also from other apps and sites.

Developer interested to integrate with BetterDoctor’s API can get more information from here.