Salesforce looking to push into healthcare space


Salesforce is looking to expand to the health care space, Reuters is reporting.

According to their findings, the company which is known for its Software-as-as-Service offering has been hiring key personnel left and right with plans to carve out a $1 billion annual business.

Salesforce is expected to reveal more about its [healthcare] plans next month.A simple LinkedIn search shows Salesforce has recruited over a dozen people from the health and medical device sectors. Its healthcare head, Todd Pierce, was formerly chief information officer at biotech giant Genentech, a Roche subsidiary.

Apparently, Salesforce is already selling new software to the Department of Health and Human Services, and insurers including Blue Shield of California. In April, it announced an alliance with Philips to develop medical applications.

Going forward, the plan is to help customers pull data into one place and determine how it can be used to serve and talk to patients. This sales push has already begun.

One of Salesforce’s early clients is the University of California at San Francisco, which has rolled out CareWeb Messenger, built on top of Salesforce’s technology, through which doctors, nurses and patients talk online and on mobile devices.

Salesforce is expected to reveal more about its plans next month, when we hope to learn how they plan to compete with other companies in this field, including Microsoft, and tune into existing systems (EHR) to provide for a better service.