RxMatch completes a $500,000 seed round


RxMatch has completed a $500,000 seed round to further develop its patient health management program.

The company offers a web and mobile-based platform that automates and centralizes follow-up medical care while keeping doctors, nurses, patients and caregivers informed between visits with actionable clinical information.

RxMatch’s 12-week program incorporates the routine aspects of post-surgery care, treatment and condition maintenance, while tracking patient progress and monitoring clinical areas of concern. The data and analytics engine compiles patient-generated information in real time so that patients can easily track their progress and understand critical behavioral changes and shifts in treatments.

This personalized patient health management program enables health coaches and doctors to engage patients on their mobile devices through SMS, MMS, push notifications, native smartphones apps and the mobile web; and provide them with medical activity and data.

Right now, RxMatch offers programs for general orthopedic, heart, and chronic back pain patients, with plans to expand to other areas such as obesity, pain management, mental health, and OB-GYN in near future.

The RxMatch platform can be custom branded (white label) to match healthcare provider’s existing web identity.

[Via: mobihealthnews]