Canada’s network for physicians The Rounds updated with new features

The Rounds

The Rounds, a professional networking site for Canadian physicians, has updated its website and is now faster, more efficient, while bringing new features to thousands of doctors in its network.

As Canada’s fastest growing professional social network, The Rounds is entirely HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant, meaning it provides an efficient way for doctors to collaborate across geographic boundaries in a completely secure manner.

“Our new product allows physicians to collaborate with the speed and ease of Twitter and Facebook while remaining compliant,” said Blair Ryan, CEO of The Rounds.

Groups (Rounds) are one of the new features, allowing alumni or groups of specialists to collaborate privately on unique patient cases.

Another new capability, “Create A Case,” enables physicians to upload a patient’s situation along with x-rays, images and any other relevant information.

Finally, the “Send Secure Messages” feature has been redesigned, making private messaging easier than ever with the entire system remaining HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant.

The Rounds adheres to strict guidelines ensuring only Canadian physicians in good-standing are able to access the network’s information and resources. This means each member is contacted and personally vetted before being given a login and password.