e-Celsius smart pill can tracks core temperature with Samsung’s SAMI

e-Celsius smart pill

Last year, Samsung unveiled its cloud data analyzing platform called SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions) which can cope with a ton of (health) data. Alongside that, the company also released the Simband wearable that can record many aspects of a person’s health from the built-in sensors and beam the information collected to SAMI.

Now another company is looking to make use of SAMI – Body Cap, which has been using the technology to showcase its e-Celsius smart pill. Said pill is digestible and designed to monitor a person’s core temperature. Once ingested, it can constantly send signals of the temperature it records at five-second intervals. SAMI on its end can translate these signals, enabling other applications along the way. For instance, if a preset temperature is reached, the companion app will send a notification to a user’s mobile phone or wearable.

It’s still not clear when e-Celsius will be released and whether it will be available to the general public; or it will rather be “stuck” to the clinical setting. Right now, we doubt that many users are willing to swallow yet another pill, no matter how smart it is.

[Via: SammyHub]