MATTER announces 10 additional digital health companies

MATTER digital health accelerator

MATTER, a not-for-profit organization that was developed by a team of entrepreneurs and industry leaders with the support of the state of Illinois, announced 10 new healthcare technology companies that have joined the community:

Fire Ant
An integrated software technology platform and services company for hospitals, surgery centers, and physician groups that provides medical and surgical services to injured workers. The company’s solution allows these providers to bill for and collect untapped revenues due for these services while adding little to no costs, expenses, or additional staff resources to providers.

This company has created a haptic-based virtual reality surgical simulator to increase operating room efficiency. The software converts CT and MRI scans into a 3D hologram, allowing users to personalize treatment for each case in order to determine an optimal surgical strategy.

Kare Visits
Aims to improve patient experience at hospitals, assisted living communities, and rehabilitation centers by using patent-pending survey tools to collect data regarding living conditions and staff readiness.

Maker of the mobile medication management platform that provides social support to patients who are prone to medication non-adherence.

My Wellness Community
Which specializes in improving health outcomes and decreasing ethnic health disparities. The company provides a customized wellness platform using claim data points and health risk assessment information.

The company behind an app that integrates positive psychology, gaming, and behavior change to improve users’ lifelong mental health. A study from the University of Pennsylvania shows that SuperBetter can reduce depression and anxiety while also increasing optimism and social support.

Triggr Health
A mobile health platform that uses passive monitoring technology and patient profiles to track behavior, assess risk, and prevent relapses. This real-time data and response system works to ultimately improve provider effectiveness and health outcomes while giving patients access to support when needed.

Developer of an online mobile app for scheduling and communication, providing patients with more care options, transparency, and convenience. The company is fulfilling consumers’ desire for easier, simplified healthcare.

A medical device company aiming to increase precision and patient safety during minimally invasive surgery. Uroprox’s proprietary surgical proximity sensing system is designed to dramatically reduce the rate of ureteral injury during pelvic and abdominal surgery by allowing surgeons to precisely locate and avoid the ureter intraoperatively.

Validate Health
Offers risk software, training, consulting, and onsite actuarial support to arm providers with actuarial tools. The company also provides the support necessary to help these providers succeed under risk-based reimbursement.

MATTER continues to evaluate applications on a rolling basis. Membership rates start at $150 per month and include access to MATTER’s mentor network, classes, and events designed to help entrepreneurs and innovators accelerate the growth of their companies.