Medisafe automates medication lists import with Human API


Medisafe has updated its medication management platform to allow users to import their medication lists from thousands of top hospitals and medical facilities. The new offering is powered by the Human API data platform, which can pull-in information from a growing network of labs, clinics, devices, and apps.

This latest move comes on the heels of Medisafe’s entrance to the Quantified Self market, whereby users can add, import, and track self-reported biometrics like blood pressure to see how taking their medications as prescribed influences their health results.

“Just helping patients assemble all of their medication details in one place is a major milestone with major implications for patient health and safety,” said Jon Michaeli, EVP Marketing and Business Development for Medisafe. “But on Medisafe, its importance extends well beyond; we can now help patients get a complete picture of their medication adherence and its health effects, empowering them to make lasting behavior changes.”

Thanks to Human API’s functionality, coupled with Medisafe’s new medication image library, app users now have the option to bring in their exact medication, with specifics including medication shape, color, dosage and frequency. Medisafe initially launched the medication import functionality on its iOS app, with Android to follow in a couple of weeks.