Affectiva unveils Emotion as a Service, version 2.0 of its emotion-sensing SDK


Affectiva, which provides technology for emotion-sensing and analytics, unveiled what it calls the “Emotion as a Service” data solution, along with version 2.0 of its emotion-sensing SDK.

These new offerings, the company claims, have the potential to transform industries such as market research, gaming, media and entertainment, mobile app development, retail, customer experience, online education, HR, automotive, robotics, healthcare and wearables.

Affdex Emotion as a Service makes emotion data available on demand, yielding highly accurate results at a very low cost. Companies are able to send the data collected with optical sensors or cameras, and get emotion metrics in return. Said metrics include nuanced facial expressions, the basic emotions as well as video quality metrics like lighting conditions and head angles — specifically pitch, roll and yaw.

The solution can be used to “emotion-enable” online digital experiences and to provide advanced emotion analytics in the digital world. Also, Affdex Emotion as a Service enables researchers, scientists and analysts to integrate emotion data with their existing data platforms.

“For the first time ever, with Affdex Emotion as a Service, we are making emotion data very accessible by providing easy and inexpensive analysis of human emotions: video in, emotion analytics out,” says Rana el Kaliouby, co-Founder and Chief Strategy and Science Officer of Affectiva. “Powered with unique emotion data, designers, developers and researchers can truly bring emotional intelligence to the digital world.”

Affectiva has also released Affdex SDK 2.0 for iOS, Android and Windows platforms to provide developers better ease of use and accessibility by standardizing models for seven emotions: Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Joy, Surprise, Fear and Contempt. It also includes new facial expressions for a total of 15 facial action units. A free evaluation of the Affdex SDK is available at