DynoSense’s health scanner coming to China


DynoSense is bringing its digital health solutions to China thanks to the newly announced partnership with JKOM Cloud Health Technology. Under the deal, JKOM will be responsible for the marketing and distribution of DynoSense’s existing Dyno technology, as well as future products, through an existing network of healthcare providers who actively serve more than two million patients.

The Dyno is an integrated multi-function health scanner that can capture more than 33 critical health metrics in less than 60 seconds with a single user action. Once captured, this health data is uploaded to the company’s cloud computing platform for further analytics and processing, and is then communicated to healthcare professionals. JKOM will focus the Dyno’s application in China in the areas of chronic disease management as well as consumer and corporate wellness.

“With our Dyno technology, physicians can now remotely catch serious medical conditions and treat them before they become chronic, and they can also better manage existing chronic disease,” said Saeed Azimi, chief executive officer, DynoSense. “This new digital physician-patient connection has the potential to dramatically improve disease prevention and wellness.”

DynoSense has recently raised $9.4 million Series A funding to support regulatory clearance with the FDA.