Glooko Office Kiosk launched for in-clinic diabetes care

Glooko Office Kiosk

Diabetes management platform Glooko is “going physical” with the launch of the Glooko Office Kiosk package to “redefine in-clinic diabetes care experience for patients with diabetes and healthcare professionals.” The kiosk does that by allowing users to upload data from popular blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

“Since using Glooko Kiosk in my practice, the time it takes to download data for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients using a blood glucose meter, insulin pump, and/or CGM has decreased substantially – my practice is more efficient”, said Dr. Michael Greenfield, Glooko CMO.

In the background, Glooko’s software provides unified reports that can be used to identify trends and insights in data. During or between office visits, these reports enable therapy optimization versus interpreting disparate data points and disjointed reports from a variety of devices.

“Clinical visits are most effective when a patient already has an idea of what is and isn’t working with their therapy regimen,” added Rick Altinger, Glooko CEO. “With Glooko’s data visualizations and pattern identification algorithms, the patient is equipped to ask the right questions before the appointment starts and when it does, the patient and clinician are looking at identical visualizations. This workflow makes each clinical encounter more effective.”

Glooko Office Kiosk is compatible with more than 40 diabetes devices and growing.Glooko’s latest innovation has been successfully deployed to diabetes care facilities of all sizes nationwide, from private practices to ACOs, including Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute, Stanford Hospital, and Cornerstone Health Care.

Glooko Office Kiosk is compatible with more than 40 diabetes devices and growing. Most recently the company showcased its integration with Dexcom CGM data and Insulet’s OmniPod wireless insulin delivery system.

Glooko Office Kiosk is available for purchase and includes a four-month free subscription trial following an initial hardware fee. Following the free trial Glooko Office Kiosk costs $300/month and can be cancelled at any time.

[Via: HitConsultant]