Leaf Healthcare raises $3.3M for its patient monitoring sensors

Leaf sensor

Leaf Healthcare has raised $3.3 million from eight investors, according to an SEC filing, and brought to our attention by MedCityNews.

The company makes a wireless monitor that tracks patient position and movement which can be used to alert nursing staff as to which patients need to be moved. The idea is to avoid pressure ulcers, which can lead to infections and other complications, jeopardizing the patient’s condition and increasing healthcare costs.

Leaf’s device, which got 510(k) clearance from the FDA in 2013, is placed on the patient’s upper chest beneath the clavicle or at the sternum with a medical grade adhesive. From there a nurse is able to quickly see the status of every patient — green is good, yellow means a need for action soon and red means action is overdue.

Beyond preventing pressure ulcers, the wearable can also double as a fall detector, while allowing the hospital staff to track the patient’s location inside the hospital.

In May of this year, Desert Valley Medical Center became the first hospital to adopt Leaf’s devices for women in labor.

[Via: MedCityNews]